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Thermal Polymer Systems, 908 S. Velasco, Angleton TX 77515, 979.848.8870

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Thermal Composite Spray Systems offers a variety of services for

your thermal spray guns, and parts to help keep it running  smoothly.


We also service Mini Spray Jet guns, F-311 FX guns, and do hands on repairs here at our shop. We are able to rebuild entire units, test them, and ship them back to you as well. We are a supplier of spare parts and have a vast resource of any technical information you may need/want to know.


If you have questions about an existing gun, or are interested in purchasing

a new one, please contact us!


 For a more detailed list of parts, for questions, and ordering,

we can be contacted at:


 Thermal Composite Spray Systems


908 South Velasco


Angleton, TX 77515






We take Visa and Mastercard