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Parts/Services Uni Spray Jet

 Uni-Spray Jet Gun

 General list of part numbers and nozzles 


For a more detailed list of parts, for questions, and ordering, please contact:

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Uni-Spray Jet

Parts List

Part No.         Description:     

71101                    Aluminum Carry case

80080                    Standard Nozzle USJ-N

80010                    Lathe Carrier Support Attachment

80030                    Blocking Ring Nozzle B

80040                    Pinch Ring Nozzle P

80050                    Cooling Ring Nozzle K

80060                    Fan Nozzle F

80070                    Ceramic Spray Nozzle USJ-“HT”

80090                    Pressure Nozzle 0.30mm

80020                    Heat Shield

80080                    USJ-N (A) Spray Nozzle

80070                    USJ-HT (A) Spray Nozzle

80440                    USJ-S/N (A) Spray Nozzle

80730                    USJ-L/T (A) Spray Nozzle for Oxygen

80731                    USJ-LT (P) Spray Nozzle for Propane

80081                    USJ-RF/N (A) Spray Nozzle

80400                    Includes 80410, 80420, and 80430

80410                    USJ-HT/S (A) High Temp Spray Nozzle

80420                    USJ-N/HL (A) High Temp Spray Nozzle

80430                    USJ-N/S (A) Spray Nozzle

80082                    USJ-HT/N (A) Spray Nozzle