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Flame Spray

Flame spraying, also known as thermal spraying, is used to apply a coating that is the ideal long term corrosion protection for steels and other non-combustible surfaces. It resists phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, soda lye, sea water, formaldehyde and a host of other salts, gases, oils, hydrocarbons, organic and inorganic acids. It is often applied using the Thermaplast F-311 FX Gun and flame spray system.


Thermaplast F-311 FX Gun and Flame Spray System for  Thermoplastic Coatings

FlameSprayThe F-311 FX Gun is specifically designed for large area flame spray coating applications while not giving up its proven user friendliness and light weight design.

Precision Engineered - It has the look, feel, and balance of a fine  handgun

Operator Safety - On/Off Powder Feed, gas mixture and instant shut off controls are on the gun, where they belong. Thermal Composite Spray Systems' unique gas mixing system design prevents flashback.

Light Weight - Only 1.97 lbs, (0.9 Kg) and operator can easily handle the F-311 FX for longer periods of time with out the fatique associated with competitors heavier and more bulky units.

High Depostion Rate - Depending upon the desired coating thickness and selected thermoplastic(s), a cost efficient large area of coverage is possible.

Versatility - Easy to use and economical. It is especially suited for proessional application of almost all thermoplastics. Propane is the fuel gas of choice.

Applications - A highly versatile flame spray gun for high volume flame spray coatings





1. A multiple story tower structure we flame sprayed with *Thermoplast 20 to protect it from salt air corrosion.

2-3. We flame sprayed all the steel parts on this waste water filter in order to protect it from corrosion due to salt water.


*Thermoplast 20 is a polythelene co-polymer that has UV stabalizers and adhesive additives.