Thermal Polymer Systems - Polymer Coating - Composite Spray - Rubber Liner - Polyethylene

Thermal Polymer Systems, 908 S. Velasco, Angleton TX 77515, 979.848.8870

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  • No VOC's - 100% Solids
  • Superior Release Property
  • No Primer Required
  • No Low Temperature/Humidity Limitations
  • FDA Approved
  • Wide Service Temperature Range (-40° to 165°)
  • Out-Performs Epoxies
  • Excellent Impact & Abrasion Resistance
  • Easy Repair
  • Excellent Adhesion Performance (3000+PSI)
  • Good Chemical Resistance
  • Superb UV Resistance
  • Chemical Resistant to Salt Water


* Formulated from DuPont's NUCREL® and SURLYN® Polymers or Dow's PRIMACORE® Adhesive Polymers and ENVELON® Polymers.


 (Above Right) 

1. Polyethelene flame sprayed for a mold for release

2. Piping that was coated internally and externally with *Thermoplast 20

3. We coat 18 different manufacturers of acutators with *Thermoplast 20

4. A 90 degree piece of pipe fitting that we flamed sprayed a polyethelene coating onto internally




1. A multiple story tower structure we flame sprayed with *Thermoplast 20 to protect it from salt air corrosion.

2-3. We flame sprayed all the steel parts on this waste water filter in order to protect it from corrosion due to salt water.


*Thermoplast 20 is a polythelene co-polymer that has UV stabalizers and adhesive additives.