Thermal Polymer Systems - Polymer Coating - Composite Spray - Rubber Liner - Shop Capacity

Thermal Polymer Systems, 908 S. Velasco, Angleton TX 77515, 979.848.8870

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   Our 3 acre site includes an enclosed shop with 15,000  sq ft of work space.

   With a 21 ft clearance under a 10 ton bridge crane hook, we can handle almost all process equipment that may arrive by truck.

   The indoor/enclosed sandblasting room that resides at our facility measures 20 ft long, 10 ft wide, and 10 ft high, to accommodate production-mode processing of moderately-sized parts. Floor tracks allow for transfer of parts from our main shop area, floor grating allows for abrasive collection and allows us to recycle,thus being environmentally friendly. Continuous abrasive recycling maximizes production by minimizing set-up, clean-up, and disposal costs.


To accommodate our lines of service in the Rubber Linings and Specialty Coatings we use:

Two Autoclaves:  6' x 15'  9' x 50' 
 Two boilers  40 hp  100 hp
 Two ovens  6'x6'x8'



                  We also have onsite:

  •     20 ton cherry picker
  •     2,400 square foot refrigeration room
  •     DH Units with In-Line Heaters
  •     2 acres of laydown yard
  •     20 ton Grove Rough Terrain Crane



Right: Our autoclave in action lifting a massive plant vessel to be worked on at our facility




 Left: A more detailed view of the types of jobs and the capacity that our shop is capable of holding and a better shot of our 10 ton bridge crane hook in action

















oven Left: A great view of one of our two autoclaves in action