Thermal Polymer Systems - Polymer Coating - Composite Spray - Rubber Liner - Locations

Thermal Polymer Systems, 908 S. Velasco, Angleton TX 77515, 979.848.8870

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The facility address is:

908 South Velasco

Angleton, Texas 77515


Our shop is located South of the Railroad track, along the feeder road back onto Loop 274. 

From the overpass, you will see our shop to your right; however, you must circle back around under the overpass to access on the feeder road heading South.


Our 3 acre site includes an enclosed shop with 15,000 sq ft of work space. With 21 ft clearance under our 10 ton bridge crane hook, we can handle most process equipment that may arrives by truck.


If you need help, or access directions for large trucks, we can be reached at 979-848-8870




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