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Powerhouse Condenser Tube Sheet that we coated with ARC Composites at a local chemical plant

A local chemical refinery commissioned us to rubber line internally and paint externally these massive water treatment tanks

Our 15,000 square foot facility holding a variety of huge tanks and vessels for numerous jobs

Massive water treatment tanks that we rubberlined internally and painted externally here at our facility for a local chemical plant.

Water treatment tanks that were rubber lined, externally painted, and packaged to ship to Saudia Arabia

Our expertise in Rubber Lining is what has been our specialty for over twenty years. Our job in rubber lining successfully protects such equipment as chemical processing and storage tanks, rail road tankcars, fans/ fan housings, fume ducts and multiple other applications as well.

A composite ceramic coating applied to a seawater pump. The coating used was wear resistant Arc

Collection of process piping coated internally and externally with TP20 (low linear polyethelyne flame spray)

An HCL storage tank that was rubber lined internally and recoated externally

We have a wide selection of colors to choose from for your convenience. We offer colors to match the paint on your vehicle, or we can create custom colors for whatever project you may be working on.

A filterpot coated with Halar internally and then polyethelene coated externally

A water manifold for a water treatment plant that we lined with neoprene internally, and then applied an external coating on the outside.

A 25,000 pound, 50 foot long agitator for a large slurry tank that we completely rubber lined

30,000 pound clariifier rakes delivered to our facility, directly from the fabricator.. The structures were lined with Bromabeutyl and shipped back to the customer

Plant vessel delivered by 18 wheeler to our facitlity and we rubber lined the entire structure with EPDM.


Thermal Polymer Systems,LC

Thermal Composite Spray Systems, LC

Services: We hold maintenance and repair contracts for more than 85 different chemical plants, refineries, and energy companies in the southern United States.

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Products: We offer a wide variety of coatings such as: Rubber LiningPowder Coating  with Polyester Hybrid, Epoxy, Fusion Bonded Powder Coatings, Specialty Coatings such as: Wear Resistant coatings,Polyethylene, Fluoropolymer and many more.

Qualifications: We have two level III certified N.A.C.E inspectors who work on and off site, we have extensive training in confined space rescue, we have a Class L certification with the Association of American Railroads to inspect/work on rail road tank cars, and much, much more.

HA Bond: Applicable in all positions, including difficult situations, for hot process thin layers and edges, and for surfacing cylindrical parts.  

Uni Spray Jet: Thermal Flame Spraying gun for thermal spraying with powder (cold metal processing and plastic) using oxy-fuel gas flame.

F-311 FX: Specifically designed for large area flame spray coating applications. Its light weight portable design gives you the advantage of taking the flame spraying of a plastic powder into the field.

Safety: Regard for the safety of the general public, our own employees, and clients employees, and the employees of subcontractors is a supreme responsibility of all levels of our organization.

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Contacts: Please call us with any questions, challenges or problems that we may be able to help you work out. From quotes, to bid pricing, or just all around general rubber lining and specialty coatings advice,we are here for your needs. Shop Capacity:Our 3 acre site with a 15,000 square foot facility is able to handle almost any job we are given. We have a 10 ton bridge crane hook, indoor/enclosed sandblasting room, two autoclaves, two boilers, and two ovens.

Parts and Service: We sell parts and service for the HA Bond Gun, parts and service for the Uni Spray Jet Gun, we service the Mini Spray Jet and the F-311 FX Gun. Most repairs are done by hand in our shop and shipped directly back to you. Have more questions? Please Contact Us!

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