Rubber Linings and Specialty Coatings

We can service all flame spray guns we sell, can answer any questions you may have, and sell parts/widgets for the guns as well.


For a more detailed list of parts, for questions, and ordering, please contact:

Thermal Composite Spray Systems

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H A Bond Kit

Parts:          Description:

202:                     Handle for HA Torch

237:                     Powder Mixer

241:                     Welding Spray Insert Size 1

242:                     Welding Spray Insert Size 2

243:                     Welding Spray Insert Size 3

244:                     Welding Spray Insert Size 4

245:                     Welding Spray Insert Size 5

252:                     Insert for preheating nozzle 254

253:                     Insert for preheating nozzle 255