Rubber Linings and Specialty Coatings

It is the policy of this company to strive for the highest safety standards. The safety and health of all our employees is one of our major concerns. Safety is the result of careful attention to all company operations by those who are directly and indirectly involved. Employees of all levels must work diligently to execute the company’s policy of maintaining occupational safety and health.

Our safety program has been developed to assure compliance with Federal, State, Local and Client rules and regulations and to protect the health and safety of ALL of our employees. Where indicated, this program can be expanded for the benefit of our employees and those working with and around us. It is the obligation of all employees to be knowledgeable of this company’s standards and regulations and to implement all rules, procedures and regulations contained therein.

Regard for the safety of the general public, our own employees, and client’s employees, and the employees of our subcontractors is a supreme responsibility of all levels of our organization. We intend to prevent any human suffering and to limit losses of production and efficiency.

TPS strives to achieve the following objectives as a company:

1) To promote and implement a comprehensive safety program for all employees to promote individual safety awareness, both on and off the job.

2) To eliminate or to provide suitable protection against all recognizable occupational hazards.

3) To devise procedures and practices that minimize the risk of accidents.

4) To instruct all employees of present hazards, how to recognize them, how to avoid the hazard, and what to do in case one becomes involved with a hazard.

5) To disseminate as much educational information as is practical for the betterment of each individual’s health and safety and the health and safety of the family.

6) Strengthen good safety practices by example, by daily personal contact, by observation and evaluation, and by regular communications between the employee, supervision, and management.

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