Rubber Linings and Specialty Coatings

A Filter Housing That Was Coated With *Halar To 30 Mils Thick
A Filter Pot That Was Coated Internally With *Halar And Externally Coated With *TP20
Internally Coated with Halar* 30 MILs Thick
Valves Coated With Halar*
A Grouping Of Drill Bits That Were Coated With *Halar At 30 Mils Thick For Non Stick Properties
A Closer Look
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Fluoropolymer coatings, such as Teflon®, Tefzel® Halar®, and PVDF (aka Kynar®) polymer coatings share the following advantages:

  • Mechanically Tough With Excellent Cut Through and Abrasion Resistance
  • Excellent Impact Resistance at Room Temperature and Dimensionally Stable Down to Cryogenic Temperatures
  • Low Cold Flow
  • Excellent Release Properties
  • High Tensile and Elongation
  • High Purity & Does Not Contaminate High Purity Fluids
  • Continuous Use to 300°F in Many Applications

For Fluoropolymers only: our capacity is to the size of our ovens. We have two ovens onsite for your convenience, one that measures 6’x6’x8′, and one that is 5’x5’x6′.